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This work depicts my love for advertising slogans and wordgames. In this example i used the very well know catch-phrase of the "Lotterien Austria" for their gamling-game "Jackpot", where you, according to the ad, just have to check the "yes"-box on the bought paper-reciet.
This translates into the german wording "Sagen Sie Ja" / "Say Yes!".

#personalproject #words #typography #jackpot #advertisement #break #sagensieja #sayyes


A very similar apprach like the one for "Sagen Sie Ja" I used on the english phrase
"fresh eyes" from the saying "to see sth. with fresh eyes which means that
one is getting a new perspective on things, unterstuetzt durch ...

#personalproject #words #typography #fresheyes #2014


This logo is part of the coorperate identity of my blog that in the future
will work as a community plattform for partners and friends.

Have a look >> http://www.biotop.in



'Hansi' is the beginning of an ongoing series of screenshots. For a long time
to I am addicted with the idea of capturing my daily work routine on my laptop,
capturing my professional work as well as my personal. As long as the speed of the
very easy GIF-animation is chosen so that it still provides so sort of 'privacy'
in a world of showing all of one's personal life on social media plattforms.





On the 28th of August in 2014 I exhibit some of my works in the field of art (paintings, sculptures and installations) at the gallery 'So Weit die Zukunft' (SWDZ) in the third district of Vienna.
Also part of the exhibition was a specific project aimed at the exhibition topic where every participating artist had to buy 10 Brieflose and then paint on them to transform them into tiny works of art to question its value either as art or as a chance to win millions of euro but to in that case destroying the art.

#exhibition #swdz #soweitdiezukunft #stefanarztmann #art #gallery #soweitdiezukunft
#1030 #wien


In autumn 2013 I finished my studies in the bachelor course "Informationdesign"
at the university of Applied Science with my thesis "Streetart und Graffiti", a
theoretical and practical discussion on the two similiar but in my point of view
quite diffeent fields of "practical art in public places".

#bachelor #finito #designer #abouttogo #urban #art #streetdesigner #book


I was asked by some collegues to give their image film animation character my
voice. The video is in german language for an austrian solar energy company.

#2013 #german #stanilux #myvoice #recordingstudio
#universityofappliedscience #informationdesign #imagefilm #firstexperience


At the beginning of 2012 at the fh joanneum there was the semester topic "Virtuelle Firma"
where me and my collegues were to form working groups and develope a coorperate identity for
a fictional company and furthermore work for real clients to get an idea of how real life
project are to be managed professionally.
We together came up with the name "Jill, Dick & Harry". This name should stand for a diverity
of different people and therefor skills. We wanted the name to reflect fictional character
with specific characteristics and in their differnece can create great powers when brought together.

We also created a story around these chararcters which also helped us to establish a team spirit
and the storytelling itself should stand for our ability as a team to work on great stories for
whatever product we then promoted for our clients.


In spring/summer 2012 I worked together with two very creative and ambitioned collegues
/friends on the realisation of a very innovative and very well received image film for
the studie programm 'Innovation managment' of the university of applied science 'CAMPUS02'
in Graz/Austria.
The video is in german language.

#2012 #innovationmanagment #image film #markusschwarz #moritzrzehak #graz #virtuellefirma #jdh
#jilldickandharry #real #client #hanslercher #campus02


'Ich mag Dich' is a short film on the topic relationship. Me and my two
collegues won the 2nd price at the film contest the film was commissioned by./

#2011 #improvised #dialoge #letsgo #tripodinflames
#friends #moritzrzehak #markusschwarz #sound
#stadtpark #graz #coffeebreak #teamwork

Duration: approx. 10 min
Language: German


The idea was to shot a humorous fictional advertisement about a burger called
'GOD'. We shot at a church in Graz/Austria.

#2010 #film #english #commercial #burger #god #fictional #friend
#actor #conception #universityofappliedscience language: english
position: concept, actor


lives and works in Vienna/Austria.


2009 - 2013 Informationdesign, University of Applied Science Joanneum, Graz/Austria
(Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design)
2008 Foundation Course for Design Studies, New Design University St. Poelten/Austria
2005 - 2007 Architecture, Technical University Vienna

practical training @

- Bueronardin
Graphic Design

- Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Graphic Design

* 1987 in Vienna/Austria


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